Ideas and energy in action

We were double winners at the Chartered Institute of PR Excellence Awards this week for our work with McCann Erickson on Computertan for national skin cancer charity Skcin.

There was a healthy 900+ entries vying for just 26 awards so picking up two was a great result.

Of course our win at the CIPR Excellence Awards comes hot on the heels of McCann Erickson picking up a Cannes Lion in the Promo category for the same campaign. We’re also through to the finals of the PR Week Awards.

The front page of hoax website Computertan
The front page of hoax website Computertan

This campaign illustrates a serious point that is increasingly pre-occupying both the advertising and PR industries. How PR and advertising can be integrated more effectively?

Working with McCann Erickson on this project was brilliant in the sense that our PR thinking was fully integrated into the campaign and complemented all the amazing work done on the site and the hoax advertising. We’re quite proud of the fact that we’ve demonstrated that the two disciplines can be truly complimentary – we think the fact that we worked so closely together shows in the results.

We’re obviously keen to do more of the same.

Patrick Barrett from Limelight PR and Eleanor Tylee from McCann Erickson collect the awards
Patrick Barrett from Limelight PR and Eleanor Tylee from McCann Erickson collect the awards

Anyway, this isn’t just a shameless plug (well maybe just a little bit). It actually seemed like a fitting way to start our new blog – Sonar, to reference the success of one particular big idea.

Over the next few months and even years we will be taking a look at the inspiring ideas that are changing the world in which we live. Whether that’s in marketing and PR with campaigns like Best job in the world and Computertan, technology with the interesting new tools that are helping everyone develop a better understanding of emerging social media, or the ideas that are helping businesses get ahead and be profitable in these turbulent times.

It’s often said that recession drives individuals and businesses to act creatively and think differently in order to survive and flourish in the tough climate. There is no doubt that we live in interesting and challenging times. But what is really clear from all the winning entries is that the power of the big idea still plays a pivotal role within all faucets of communication.


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