Where’s the feel good factor gone?

Whilst perusing Brand Republic’s digital bulletin last Friday afternoon, my eyes, like a moth to a flame, were soon drawn to the words ‘Game of the Week’.  As you can imagine, at 5 o’ clock on a Friday afternoon it was with much reluctance that I found my cursor hovering over the link. With a few mighty clicks of the mouse I was soon on E4’s website looking with awe and mounting excitement at the gem that is Janey Thomson’s Marathon.

Now I don’t know what it was about the game that tickled me, whether it was the convincing back story or the fact that I only got what the gag was after 5 minutes of furious and finger numbing keyboard tapping. But whatever it was, it made me laugh and it got me thinking about how important it is for brands to create that elusive feel good factor.

How E4 will actually benefit from providing this genius game is debateable. Will I watch more E4 as a direct result? Probably not. Will I pay more attention to its adverts? Not really. However, has my perception of the broadcaster improved? Undoubtedly!

How often can you say that a brand actually makes you feel good? I’m not just talking about an amusing or cleverly worded advert that raises a mere hint of a smile or elicits a satisfactory nod of the head, but actually makes you feel better? In all honestly, it’s probably not that often, but when it does there’s no doubt that you remember it. One example that immediately springs to mind is the Stride Gum sponsored ‘Where the hell is Matt’ video which has amassed a staggering 22 million views on YouTube.

In these gloomy, recession, swine flu ridden days, anything that can shine a little light into our lives and can raise a wee smile in the process will always be welcome. Some come on brands lets have a little bit of happiness!

In the meantime, E4 – hats off, hats off!

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