Turning you and me into mobile digital billboards

The idea that we might all be turned into mobile digital billboards is at once terrifying and rather fantastic – if you’re into out-of-home media and guerrilla marketing stunts that is.

If you have heard of pico projectors you’ll know what I’m on about. Apparently we’re about to be blitzed with mobile digital products that have the ability to project high quality laser images onto any surface.

Imagine dumping your laptop and dropping your iPhone onto the conference room desk to deliver your client presentation or beaming your holiday snaps or favourite video onto a pub wall.

Imagine a flash mob equipped with the things projecting them in carefully choreographed unison onto some public space. Or field marketing squads hitting bars with step-by-step instructions on how to mix a great branded vodka cocktail, palm projected onto the side of a bar-booth. Imagine doing your own Cross-track projection on the Tube (probably get arrested).

Will pico-projectors be to out-of-home media what Twitter has been to the blog?

There’s clearly huge potential to do fun, stand out marketing at least while the novelty lasts and the potential to change even more the way we work and communicate.

I can’t help thinking though, there’s also huge potential to irritate.


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