Adidas Go Ultra Active!

By Anna Murdoch, who is currently doing work experience at Limelight PR

Adidas is working up its image by making shopping a more engaging experience, with the launch of new ‘interactive shops’ that will launch in London early next year with others to follow in major cities if the trial is a success.

This interactive retail concept was dreamt up by branding and digital marketing agency Start Creative, which has created ‘interactive zones’ where shoppers will be able to test their sporting agility such as speed, balance and jumping.

Your results will then be fed into a computer where you will be able to compare yourself against the sporting greats. Usain Bolt watch out – here I come!

Getting the public in the sporting mood should not only build direct affinity with Adidas product, but also fits well with the growing bubble of sporting and fitness mania across the nation as we run up to the London 2012 Olympics (Adidas are the official sportswear sponsors), and in the context of the government’s ‘Change for Life’ campaign stressing the importance of an active life style.

Retail environments may be smarter, adorned with slicker point of sale material and staffed by better trained assistants than a decade ago, but overall it’s fair to say the shopper experience from food to fashion is still more or less the same as it has always been give or take the availability of the odd in-store cafe.

Adidas’ attempt to add a bit of direct engagement and energetic fun to the retail setting is an exciting step – I hope other retails are watching.

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