Producing great ideas through uninhibited creativity

Limelight is a member of the MCCA and is their official PR partner.

Everyone must have heard it said, over the last six months particularly, that companies that market their way through a downturn come out the other side stronger and there is loads of research to prove it. Even so, there is no doubt that the current economic climate has added new pressures to the client–agency relationship in marketing.

Arguably the best agencies will turn these pressures to their advantage. In the MCCA’s blog, Scott Knox (Managing Director) argues that historically, creativity has thrived through previous recessions and this time round should be no different.

The best ideas can sometimes emerge from a completely different starting point. For example some agencies like to brainstorm by opening with the statement ‘what idea would definitely get me fired’. I’m not saying that these weird and wonderful ideas should then be presented to the client, but it is certainly a way of breaking the mould. From an extreme or stupid starting point – some of the most innovative and exciting ideas can then begin to grow.

This year’s MCCA awards are aiming to highlight the need for both agencies and clients to be brave with their ideas and be creatively uninhibited. To get the message across visually, a number of MCCA Best award winners agreed to pose for tasteful nude photographs – which certainly makes a change from the usual call for entry award adverts!

To find out more go to

Mike Spicer, EHS Brann, Best Awards 2010


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