Before I die I want to…

Recently a website was brought to my attention that I thought was simply brilliant. Given the abundance of absolute rubbish out there online, it’s extremely rare you find a website that grabs your attention, draws you in and actually gets you thinking. So given this blog is themed around great ideas, I thought I’d take this chance to tell you about one.

The website is called ‘Before I die I want to…’.

It’s based on one simply question – what’s the one thing you want to do before you die? The site features hundred of Polaroids of people captured as they state what it is they want to do before you die. On the white space beneath the photo people have handwritten the words ‘Before I die I want to…’

Whilst it might seem a little morose to some, reading about individuals’ hopes and dreams in such a way happens to extremely life affirming. Scroll through the photos and you’ll notice how positive and joyful people and there’s just something about it that is utterly captivating. Why we should care about the dreams and ambitions of someone half-way across the world, who we’ll never get the chance to meet is anyone’s guess. Perhaps, it’s because it focuses you on what life is really about -simple as that or as creator KS Rives puts it, “it’s about not waiting until you’re dying to do something with your life.”

A large part of its character is down to the nostalgic charm of the Polaroid snaps which happens to captures the sentiments of the site perfectly. Given Polaroid cameras and film have been discontinued and are no longer being produced, the whole morality of the subject matter is brilliantly mirrored in the fact that the project will only carry on until the final stocks of film is sold.

Take a look, it’s incredible powerful and beautifully executed. It goes to shows you the simplest ideas are always the best.