Can you feel it?

Slowly but surely, spring is coming into bloom.  It’s not pitch black when you wake up.  Or when you leave the office for that matter.  You don’t develop a case of pneumonia on the walk home from the station, or pile on the layers before daring to leave the house.  The sun in shining, the first blossom is starting to come through, and the days are getting longer.  People actually smile at each other on the tube.  OK, well maybe not that far, but it’s incredible the difference a season makes.

There’s another clear sign that the season is changing for the better – the new M&S spring ad came out yesterday.  You know a brand hits the nail on the head with its strategy, when you actually look forward to the new ad.  For me, (and call me sad if you will) – the M&S ads get me excited about the season ahead.

Brands have a golden opportunity to cash in on the effect seasons can have on people’s mood and behaviour.  Take this summer for example – big events like the World Cup and Wimbledon, and even the upcoming general election, stand alone in being able to create a community out of the nation.  People pull together, in victory and defeat, and this generates such a positive buzz that everything seems to feed off it.  Sales go up, footfall in pubs increases, productivity is higher in the workplace.  The ‘mood of Britain’ just gets better.

Now, I’m not saying brands should be manipulating this ‘good mood’ in order to peddle their product to unwitting consumers.  Quite the opposite.  Brands should be thinking about how they can ‘bottle’ this positivity in their marketing communications, as M&S has, and really evoke a positive emotion from consumers.  Ultimately, this is what is going to encourage spend, and plays a huge part in establishing a long term relationship with consumers.

There has been so much doom and gloom in marketing communications of late – isn’t it about time we started seeing the positive, rather than the negative, in what’s going on in Britain, from the economy, to politics, to the high street?

I’m starting now.  The sun is out, and the weekend just beginning.  What’s not to be happy about?!


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