Limelight’s great escape

That wonderful time is upon us…

No, I don’t mean summer.  And I don’t mean the new liberal conservative love-in.

It’s the annual Limelight away day!  Cue gasps of delight and joy.

Well, maybe not, but safe to say it is one day in our calendar which we all look forward to with great anticipation.

So tomorrow, we will be turning off the phones and the email, and dedicating a whole day to Limelight. It’s so important, especially in the wake of a recession, for businesses to dedicate time to their staff, to find out what they enjoy, what they think could be done better, what they want back from the business.

It’s also important to dedicate time to ensure that the whole team has clarity on where the business is going, what the goals are, and the part that each individual plays in achieving these goals.

For us at Limelight, this time spent is invaluable, not only because it ensures everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.   More importantly, it means that we can be more motivated, deliver more ideas & energy, and ultimately the best possible work for our clients.

And of course, it’s a nice excuse to sink a couple of bottles of wine or beer together afterwards.  Not that we ever needed an excuse…


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