Nike – They really did write the future

I’ve loved the World Cup so far, in fact I’ve come to a loss now there isn’t a game every day.  And to be honest, the games are rather more exciting now that one team has to win.

Admittedly, the World Cup hasn’t been without its disappointments, and I don’t need to state the obvious as you all know what I’m talking about. But it’s not only the English, French and Italian fans who are feeling totally put out by their national side.  One has to spare a thought for the king of football brands –Nike.

Nike spent an absolute fortune on their TV ad for the World Cup, and most of that money most probably went on the starring footballers. But not one of the star-studded players has even remotely performed at this year’s World Cup and now they have all gone home and left the tournament with their heads bowed.  Ronaldhino wasn’t even picked for the Brazilian side, Ribery was part of the shocking debacle that was the French team, whilst Wayne Rooney was voted as one of the most disappointing player of the tournament so far by a Guardian poll.

I’d personally love to see Wayne Rooney grow a beard and move to a caravan (I’m an Arsenal fan)…! But what really struck me, now that England are finally out, is the truth in the Write the Future ad. Nike tapped into the real emotions that a nation feels around a World Cup and magnified it, brilliantly. A whole nation can turn hope and belief into hatred and contempt and put all that on the shoulders of one person. Wayne Rooney has even pulled out of the A3:K challenge scheduled for the 19th July at the O2 for fear of the public backlash after his poor performance in South Africa. Just look at the public reaction after Beckham’s red card in 2002; at least this year we’ve not seen any effigies, thank goodness. 

Perhaps Nike are to blame for his shockingly bad performance – Wayne saw the future and it scared him, scared him so much he forgot how to use his legs and feet.

Oh, and just for the record my money’s on Spain.