Santa Claus is coming to town…already?

My friends might call me Scrooge, but come on, it’s mid July and 30 degrees out there – the festive season is the furthest thing from my mind.

But as Hamleys release their 2010 Christmas wish list and Cadbury unveils the first of its Christmas offerings, one could be forgiven for checking their calendar!

I’m not alone in my annual grumbles about early Christmas advertising. With more moans and groans this year then ever before, the Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) states on its website how it has been “receiving a steady flurry of complaints from irritated and disenchanted consumers objecting to the premature appearance of Christmas advertisements”. It seems there are a growing number of people getting fed up with the onset of Christmas advertising from about July onwards. So much so, one anti-early-Christmas campaigner calls for the ‘movement for the containment of Christmas’.

Perhaps though, the season of inappropriate advertising is a prerequisite to our ever expanding retail-driven society, with early advertising driving up demand and keeping prices reasonable by starting sales early. Or perhaps by tossing products into the public eye early, retailers are able to see what attracts the most attention.

Either way, it seems Christmas has arrived early, or, at least Christmas advertising has – and it gives everyone something to moan about.