Tweet and sour!

It’s mid afternoon and I’m still processing the extensive amount of information I’ve absorbed today. So far I’ve read The Metro on my train trip to work; tweeted and been tweeted to; updated my Facebook page and read the latest in current affairs from an app on my iPhone.

I can tell you about the bridges collapsing in New Delhi; the cause of today’s traffic jams in Mumbai and that Vince Cable is ‘shining a harsh light’ on the behaviour of Britain’s big business, following his speech at the Lib Dem conference. I can also tell you, if you’re at all interested, about the latest trend in pet ownership (micro pigs!) and this Autumn’s must haves from Fashion Week.  Some of this news, I’m almost certain, was absorbed in unison with the actual event occurrence. 

Which is my point.  The speed in which information is being disseminated is so instantaneous it’s almost frightening. Blink and you’ll miss it. And if you’re missing it, then it’s definitely missing you. Social and online media is proving to be the one phenomenon that we can’t afford to ignore. Much like gaming technology, it’s going to get bigger and better rather than going out in the same blaze of glory it came in with.

There are of course ups and downs to this. The good news is that there’s an ever increasing network on which to engage with our stakeholders; develop a broader array of relationships and, hopefully, build a positive profile for our businesses and clients.  On the flip side, if managing an organisation’s reputation didn’t present enough challenges, the stakes are now upped and we need to be as instant in our response as the is technology is in engaging us.

I’m a great believer that where there is a will there’s a way. Ongoing learning and development on this subject is a must-have and will stand us in good stead when it comes to delivering and managing successful social media campaigns.  There are already a number of experts running well thought out training courses and seminars. Not to mention an array of articles available and the obligatory ‘Social Media Marketing for Dummies’.  However, time being of the essence, and given my inclination to tweet like a twit, I know where I’ll be obtaining the latest news; views and guidance on the subject.  Now, let me think:  there was the blog I received by email earlier; a vast selection of tweets from my Twitter tweeters giving me helpful hints and tips and a Social Media iPhone app that promises to help you get the most out of social media platforms!  

You see my point?  PRs beware – stand still at your peril!


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