All Talk and No Action

by James Holmes, Managing Director, LimelightPR Middle East.

It had been announced that the Qatar World Cup might happen during the winter months for the first time. Following which Platini suggested that the country is too small to host the World Cup and the responsibility should be shared amongst neighbouring GCC Countries.

The fact that such ideas were even proposed by FIFA and so close to the appointment of Qatar, questions the validity of the proposal and pitch process. And as a consequence, a U-turn has been made and Sepp Blatter reaffirmed that no-such suggestions will be considered.

So why entertain such ideas in the first place and why go against a proposal that was accepted as the winning bid?

It’s a problem in advertising and PR too, especially in the Middle East and Dubai. Not so much in regards to backhanders (that’s another argument for another day). But in terms of actually implementing those ideas that made up a proposal.

Because when writing a submission, agencies use the opportunity to let all inhibitions fly out the window and, free from the shackles of a brief, they create their best work. But what ratio of ideas proposed in the pitch, are actually implemented upon appointment?

It seems that suddenly a client’s bravery to appoint a creative-thinking based agency is replaced by caution; wary of the percieved risk involved in an original idea. And so all that is implemented from the proposal is a tactical campaign based on traditional PR.

Like Qatar, Dubai is a small market and it is easy to make a sudden but lasting impact through, what Limelight call, Landmark PR™. But as it stands proposals are too much talk, and too little action.


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