Computer Electronics Show 2013

CES2013 kicked off in Las Vegas today. Before the event even got underway it had generated lots of speculation and excitement.  The big and bold the of digital technology world have gathered in Las Vegas to kick off the 4 day event and there have already been a number of exciting announcements and insight into what is going to be big in 2013.


Some of our favourite highlights from day one include:

Paper Tablet

  • Will our paper be going digital? Or should I say will our tablets soon be as thin as paper? A joint venture between Queen’s University Canada and the British firm Plastic Logic. Has developed a tablet as thin and as flexible as a piece of paper. Will we be saying bye bye iPad, hello PaperTab?


  • Or will it be goodbye tablet all together and hello phablet? A surprising success of 2012 the phablet is here to stay, with Galaxy Sony HTC, ZTE and Huawei all offering larger screened mobile phones. Now we are using phones for more than just phone calls, screen size is a key deciding factor for some consumers.  


  • Tech giant Sony has launched its most up to date smart phone since parting company with Erricson parted company over a year ago. The new phone is both water and dust resistant with a 5in screen. 2013 could be the year for Sony, some have described it as their make or break year. Here’s hoping they are on to a winner, well placed to incorporate what Sony does best – HDvidoe and top of the range cameras into a smart phone. They have already over taken HTC to become the third most popular mobile phone brand in the UK.

Smart Cars

  • Will your next car be a smart car? Toyota is hoping so, having merged their existing safety features with the ability to monitor the environment around your car, including analysing potential hazards in greater detail. With a host of devises going smart in 2012 cars might just be the next smart craze.

Smart fork

  • If a car isn’t for you how about a smart fork. That’s right, even our cutlery is going smart. The device will track how fast you are eating, as well as upload data to your smart phone to help you keep track of how your eating habits have changed. Just one of the many heath devices on display and at the event definably one of the more bizarre.


  • Most of the big names are at CES2013 including Sharp, LG and Samsung and were all are unveiling new, bigger and better TV technology. Samsung revealed its largest ultra-high definition TV, at 106”, as well as the new F8000 flagship set, which utilises swipe technology similar to your phone of tablet. It remains to be seen when smart TV will really take off (having had a few false starts) but with consumers habits continuing to change smart TVs will increasingly be common place in living rooms across the country.

It’s certainly shaping up to be an exciting 2013 and we can’t wait to see what other digital developments the year ahead has in store for us. Who knows what will be the big consumer electronic success of 2013? There are definitely a few good contenders to pick from.


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