A Merry Limelight Christmas Party

Limelight brought early Christmas festivity to Regent Street this year with a great party!

With deliveries of wine, beers, canapés, ice buckets, balloons and a Christmas tree we were ready for a great evening!

Thanks to all of our clients and Limelight friends for coming – it was a lovely night and a great start to the festive season!


Christmas advertising is here – how have brands performed?

As Christmas nears, our TV screens are once again filled with festive-themed ads as brands clamour to draw in the all-important Christmas shoppers. From the sentimental to the downright brash, they are certainly a mixed bag this year. So who has left us feeling thoroughly festive and ready for a Christmas splurge?

Well we certainly can’t look past the success of John Lewis’ latest effort. ‘The Long Wait’, created by agency Adam & Eve, has really caught the imagination of consumers. The ad has been an instant hit, achieving the holy grail of good advertising: it’s got people talking. What’s the secret of its success? It creates suspense and tells a story viewers can relate to – one which, in short, realises every parent’s dream. This emotional resonance, captured in the tagline ‘for gifts you can’t wait to give’, goes a long way when nestled amongst a lot of other predictable, outdated and ever-so-slightly corny fare jostling for our screen space.

Promoting flamboyant spending is ill-advised in the current economic climate and Tesco has somewhat thoughtfully chosen to lead its advertising with the strap line ‘Keeping Christmas Special’, whilst focusing on low price festive goods. Angela Porter, Tesco’s senior marketing manager, explains: “Just because times are tough doesn’t mean that Christmas has to be less special.  Tesco understands this and wants to help keep Christmas special for the whole of Britain, no matter who you are or how you choose to celebrate.”

This festive season has also seen the swansong of Jamie Oliver’s time as Sainsbury’s brand ambassador. Sainsbury’s Christmas panto advert, starring the TV chef, debuted last week and, like John Lewis, aimed for the feel good factor – but falls a little short with a certain air of the predictable.

Coca-Cola’s latest ‘Holidays are coming’ revival and Marks & Spencer’s X Factor themed ad have both grabbed the headlines, but neither have been able to get close to the 200,000 online shares and over one million YouTube views achieved by the John Lewis ad. Annual tradition or not, we’ve all seen the Coca-Cola ad a hundred times before, and this year’s X Factor (staged infighting and rogue contestants aside) has so far failed to spark the public’s imagination.

Although the Christmas season poses a fantastic opportunity for brands, it’s easy for them to get lost in the tidal wave of themed ads.  John Lewis is currently emerging victorious in the battle of Christmas advertising, but the true brand winner will only be revealed once Christmas has passed and sales performance is reviewed. But for now we can sit back and enjoy the show…                                                                         

Ian Savage

A very merry office warming

Our Christmas party was a little early this year, much to do with the fact that we couldn’t wait to celebrate our brand new space with everyone.

Last week we had all hands to the deck getting our lovely new offices ready for a party. Fairy lights, canapés, ice buckets, majestic wine deliveries, balloon blowing and music, it all came together for what was a great party.

We were a little worried about how we would all fit in our rooftop space upstairs with a guest list of over 100, but actually it worked out fine. A busy party is always a good party!

It was so nice to see so many of our clients and other Limelight friends, thank you all so much for coming – we hope you had as much fun as we did!

Admittedly, out office didn’t look to great the morning after, but that’s always the sign of a great night isn’t it?

Santa Claus is coming to town…already?

My friends might call me Scrooge, but come on, it’s mid July and 30 degrees out there – the festive season is the furthest thing from my mind.

But as Hamleys release their 2010 Christmas wish list and Cadbury unveils the first of its Christmas offerings, one could be forgiven for checking their calendar!

I’m not alone in my annual grumbles about early Christmas advertising. With more moans and groans this year then ever before, the Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) states on its website how it has been “receiving a steady flurry of complaints from irritated and disenchanted consumers objecting to the premature appearance of Christmas advertisements”. It seems there are a growing number of people getting fed up with the onset of Christmas advertising from about July onwards. So much so, one anti-early-Christmas campaigner calls for the ‘movement for the containment of Christmas’.

Perhaps though, the season of inappropriate advertising is a prerequisite to our ever expanding retail-driven society, with early advertising driving up demand and keeping prices reasonable by starting sales early. Or perhaps by tossing products into the public eye early, retailers are able to see what attracts the most attention.

Either way, it seems Christmas has arrived early, or, at least Christmas advertising has – and it gives everyone something to moan about.