William, Kate and lots of fun in between

I do love a good wedding. Granted, I’m not going to this one, but I’m still excited about Will and Kate’s forthcoming nuptuals (and not only because we have two mammoth bank holidays to look forward to!)        

It seems I’m not alone in my excitement – retailers are going nuts and Will and Kate seem to be everywhere I go, on everything I look at.

Over the past few months hundreds of pieces of merchandise have flooded the market promoting the royal wedding, and whilst some have celebrated the old sovereign values of ‘British – ness’ , others have provided a tongue in cheek perspective. My personal favourite were the ironically marketed Royal Wedding themed contraception  -somewhat suggesting that we can all be replicating what the newlyweds will be up to.

Whilst contraception seems by far the most tongue in cheek of the items on sale, they are by no means the most outlandish. Some companies are offering goods which allow us to knit the royal wedding (that is knitting dolls of all the main attendees of the wedding), and others are offering ‘sick bags’ with a brand image of the royal wedding, appealing to the anti – royalists of the world.

Then on the more serious side, there are many companies offering commemorative memorabilia such as Gold coins, and engraved plates celebrating that are the wedding. It’s just never ending!

It would seem that regardless of the individual’s prerogative towards the royal wedding events, there is a form of memorabilia for everyone. Even more importantly it would just seem that the nation is up for a celebration, and what better way to have a party than with banter and satire.

Whether the Royal Wedding will deliver the expected uplift for the businesses and brands riding the promotional wave remains to be seen.


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